TV Show Review: Legion, Season Two

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Score: 6.5/10

Legion is a show that is deliberately trippy. Sometimes, when you try to be trippy you just end up going too far. The story is forsaken for the gimmick of being trippy. That is unfortunately the case for season two of Legion.

Legion, season two picks up some time after the last season left off. Legion loosely takes place in the X-Men universe. In this world, some people are born as mutants with superpowers. David Hall is a mentally ill person with godlike psychic abilities. At the end of the last season, David was kidnapped. David miraculously reappears and learns the outlaw group of mutants have joined up with the government in the hopes of catching the Shadow King, another very powerful psychic. Now the government and the mutants must race against the Shadow King in hopes of finding his true body before he does. If the Shadow King finds his body first and inhabits it again, then he will become more powerful than ever.

The thrust of the show really isn’t the story, but the psychotropic imagery that is portrayed. This show feels like an artsy, Avante Garde aiming show. Unfortunately, that takes away from it.

The show feels slow paced, often times taking detours to show something else trippy and psychedelic for no real reason. A lot of what goes on does very little to push the plot. With the exception of the final episode, most of the season felt slow and pointless. I really enjoyed the first season of trippiness, but that gimmick has played itself out. Now I need a decent story, and this season did not deliver. This show is just an exercise in trying to be weird just to be weird. I need a story.

Overall, you can skip this show. If you like wacky imagery and easily fall for attempts to blow your mind, then you may enjoy this season of Legion.

Score: 6.5/10

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