Anime Review: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

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Score: 6.7/10

Invisible Victory continues the long time running story of Sousuke, a soldier sent undercover at a Japanese high school, and Chidori, a Japanese high school student with a mysterious secret. Expect more drama, more laughs, and more mech action.

Full Metal Panic! takes place in an alternate version of the world where small amounts of incredibly advanced technology have permeated society. This is largely due to Whispered, specific individuals who somehow have knowledge of technologies unseen in the world. Chidori is a Japanese school girl who just happens to be one of these whispered. Sagara Sousuke is a soldier and an ace mech pilot assigned to watch over her. When evil secret forces gather and attempt to kidnap Chidori and destroy Sousuke and his allies, Sousuke and friends must rally and try to defeat said forces.

Full Metal Panic! has been around a long time. It first aired in 2002. The manga upon which it is based has finished. For whatever reason (likely budget reasons), the story has yet to be finished in anime form. Instead of continually releasing episodes, the studio behind Full Metal Panic! has opted to release a season here and a season there. The result is the current season, which feels like it starts off right in the middle of a story arc and ends without any real closure and no indication when the next season will begin.

The animation is of high quality. There are plenty of well animated action scenes involving guns and mechs. The mechs are animated with computer generated images, which is appropriate considering their machines and this method of animation doesn’t look weird for them. The rest is hand drawn, which I appreciate.

Overall, Invisible Victory is like the previous season of Full Metal Panic! in that it is a well animated anime with good production values. The unfortunate part is that last season felt like it had a beginning, middle, and an end, while this season just feels like a middle. Nothing was really accomplished or achieved. Characters didn’t really develop. It just makes me wonder if this series will ever truly end and if there is sufficient budget to finished this series in anime form.

Score: 6.7/10

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