Restaurant Review: Grill Master


Details: Located at 133-42 39th Ave. Ste 101, Queens, NY 11354. A claimed Yelp page can be found at

Score: 6.8/10

Like flavored cream on bubble teas, higher end hot pot, Szechuan cuisine, hand pulled noodles, etc., grilled fish has become the newest trendy thing to eat among Chinese restaurant goers, at least in New York City.

While the name of the dish is grilled fish, it’s really more of a boiled or broiled grilled fish. I’ve seen a number of restaurants popping up that focus on this dish and meals here are all generally structured the same way.

First you pick a fish. For people who don’t know about cooked fish varieties other than salmon, this may be difficult. More often than not, just pick the striped bass. Then you pick a sauce with which the fish is cooked in. Usually, this sauce is very spicy. Then you pick additional things you want thrown into the dish like corn or potatoes or other vegetables. Then you wait for about twenty minutes until a huge dish with a whole fish boiling in sauce with a live fire underneath it is brought to the table. This is a communal meal where everyone picks from the bubbling, big dish in the middle and eats together.

When I went, we ordered the striped bass (cost between $45 to $50) with the seaweed, potatoes, and root added in (an additional $10). We also got corn which cost an additional three dollars I think. We didn’t get additional sauces, which generally cost an additional ten dollars if I remember correctly.

The food was pretty good. If I’m honest, this was pretty much hot pot, except with hot pot it’s often times all you can eat. The quantity of food here was okay, but not enough for me. You get a whole fish, but that’s not that much for like four people. The additions also weren’t that much.

The service was very nice. The waiter patiently explained everything and was bilingual. The space is noteworthy in that it was large, air conditioned, and aesthetically pleasing. It was very… Asian, which I liked.

Overall, this place was okay. I probably would not come back if I had a choice, but the other people I came with enjoyed it. I’m not sure I would recommend it as it’s not really my cup of tea and I’d rather get all you can eat hot pot, which is essentially the same thing but withe less presentation. It’s also kind of pricey for what you get.

Score: 6.8/10

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