Video Game Review: For Honor

Details: Released in 2017. Ubisoft released a standard version of the game for free this year and that’s the version I played. I played about an hour and a half of it. The official site is

Score: 5.5/10

Despite the cinematic trailer above, For Honor is mostly an online multiplayer game. There is a single player mode that lasts for a couple of hours, but this game is clearly designed for online play and continued purchase of content and micro transactions. Also something potential players should know is that an internet connection is required to play any part of this game, both the single player and multiplayer portions.

For Honor takes place in a fictional world where historical warriors of the past are all smashed together and must fight each other. The single player had some sort of story going on, but it was minimal and nonsensical. There was not real sense of progression because the controls never truly change nor are new maneuvers unlocked. The single player portion is really just practice for the multiplayer.

The core of the game relies upon it’s gameplay. The focus of the controls is on attacking and defending in three directions: top, left or right. Before attacking you pick a direction and your character will attack in that direction. If the enemy you are attacking is in a stance that blocks that direction, then you get blocked. If they are not, then your attack lands. Accordingly, a majority of the gameplay consists of trying to fool your opponent into blocking the wrong direction. There are also additional techniques like feints, grabs, parries, etc., but the crux of the gameplay is trying to pick one of three directions and hoping the opponent does not pick the same one during an attack.

It’s a fun system… for about five minutes. As you get the hang of it you soon realize that the single player becomes pointless and not fun because there is no real progression. Then you go online and realize that there is already a meta game in place and you have to learn all sorts of things to keep up with those who are already playing it.

For me, it was just too much of an investment of time and energy to play. For a multiplayer game to be popular, it requires a large number of players to already be playing the game. Further, the game needs to be both complex and simple enough for people to jump on and for there to be some sort of progression to be present. For Honor simply isn’t popular enough in this game of Fortnight and MOBA’s. The fighting system is too simplistic and gets dull fast. Ubisoft has tried to release new content, but it’s mostly superficial and just doesn’t add enough to the gameplay to rival game like Fortnight and Dota 2. Fortnight is arguably a simpler game, but that makes it far more accessible than For Honor. Dota 2 is arguably a more complex game, but that allows improvement and progression for its player base. For Honor is simply inferior to both games for those respective reasons.

Visually, the game look okay. It’s not ground breaking stuff.

Overall, the game is all right, but I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend it to. The only reason I played it was because it was free.

Score: 5.5/10

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