Video Game Review: Dead Island GOTY Edition

Details: The original game was released in 2011. This edition was released in 2012. Purchased for around six dollars from Steam for the PC. Played for about two hours. The official site is

Score: 2/10

If only the actual game was as good as its debut trailer. Dead Island has the unique distinction of being one of the few games I’ve quit because it gives me motion sickness. I’ve played a lot of first person shooters, but the jankyness and unusual design of the movement made this game unplayable. Save your money. Don’t buy this game.

Dead Island takes place on an island resort that has been taken over by zombies. You play one of four characters and you try to get off the island with other survivors.

What little of the story I saw was not compelling. The game has not aged well and the story elements were pretty bland. The game structure is much like that of other rpg’s in that you got to a NPC, get a quest, go out and get an item, meet a person, kill a thing, then come back for you reward. The quests themselves don’t have a lot of story in them.

Gameplay is mostly in the first person perspective. While there are guns in the game, you’re going to be using melee weapons most of the time because they are the most effective against zombies. This leads to the worst part of the game: the controls.

The controls don’t make a lot of sense. You can move forward at regular speed, but trying to move side to side or backwards is slow. Melee fighting triggers animations that make the camera bob and weave unnecessarily, causing motion sickness. It’s just a lot of unnecessary stuff that doesn’t work the way it should. Further, the field of vision cannot be altered and is set at such a small view as to induce even more nausea and motion sickness.

Visuals aren’t terrible, but they are dated. There’s barely any music. Voice acting was okay.

Overall, this is an old game that doesn’t hold up. If I remember correctly, it was also a disappointment at the time of release because the trailer advertised this impressive cinematic experience and instead, we got an Elder Scrolls wannabe that wasn’t anywhere near as good. There were also a lot of bugs and glitches at the time of release. If you see this game on sale and are somewhat interested, don’t be. This game is trash.

Score: 2/10

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