TV Show Review: Luke Cage, Season 2

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Score: 7.2/10

Season two of Luke Cage is better than season one. It feels like the show runners fine tuned how they want to handle the tone and feel of the show and of how they wanted this character to develop.

Season two of Luke Cage picks up after the events of The Defenders, the other Netflix show where all of Netflix’s Marvel superheroes teamed up to fight the Hand, an international crime group composed of ninjas. Luke’s back in Harlem and trying to protect it when a new villain named Bushmaster enters the picture. Bushmaster along with all of the Jamaican gangsters in New York City now start causing a ruckus and it’s up to Luke Cage to bring peace back to Harlem.

I really like where they took the story in this one. They figured out how to up the crime and family drama in a realistic way. Make no mistake, this show is still ridiculous. Super powers are unrealistic as hell. However, the show did better at making this unbelievable world more believable than it did in season one.

Mostly, I really liked what they did with the character development for Luke Cage. In season one, it was hard to see what this character stood for and his character didn’t really change all that much. In this season, his character goes through a very pronounced change. I really liked how they ended the season and the situation in which they left Luke Cage.

The action is better choreographed than in the first season. Luke Cage’s fighting style is pretty much to walk through everything since his powers make him indestructible. That makes most fight scenes kind of boring since he just one shots all the bad guys. Luke’s fight scenes with Bushmaster are better since he is evenly matched.

Speaking of Bushmaster, he’s a well presented character that is fleshed out very well. What I really like is how he speaks. He speaks with a heavy Jamaican accent, which is almost a different language from English. I enjoyed that since it made his character than much more believable. It made the world that much more believable.

Overall, season two of Luke Cage was a good watch. If you’re a fan of the Netflix superhero shows, watching this is an easy decision.

Score: 7.2/10

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