Anime Review: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

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Score: 6/10

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a show I can’t decide if I like or hate. There are some thing I like about the show, but there are some things I really hate. I hate how watching this felt like I was watching one of the Twilight movies or any of those teen supernatural love stories. Those stories suck ass. I liked the animation quality and art direction. Ultimately, I think this is a show people can skip.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is about a young girl who is suicidal. She no longer cares whether she lives or dies and decides to sell herself as a slave in a mysterious underground auction. The auction turns out to be a supernatural auction involving all sorts of magical oriented beings. The girl is then purchased by an ageless, demonic looking mage who desires her to be his wife. Thus, we begin an unconventional romance that is also an exploration of the supernatural world.

The story is pretty cheesy stuff. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect from the teen angst supernatural genre. You know, those stories where a vanilla, blank slate of a girl falls in love with a handsome vampire/werewolf/unicorn or some other mythical creature. This show felt like an anime’s take on that idea. I did like some of the supernatural aspects of the story. It’s just the nature of the romance between the protagonists was a little dumb to me. I worry that some impressionable child will watch this, think relationships are supposed to be like this and walk themselves into an abusive relationship.

The show is also extremely slow-paced. When things do happen, they are sort of exciting… and a little graphic… in a minimal sort of way. My emotions never felt any real pull or push in any direction. Just… monotone.

The strongest parts of the show are clearly the animation quality and art direction for all the characters and monsters. Visually, the show is great. The music is also pretty great.

Overall, this is a weird show that will probably appeal more to teenage girls than anyone else. There is some big breasted fan service at certain points of the show, but otherwise it’s about the relationship between the mage and the girl.

Score: 6/10

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