Movie Review: Ocean’s Eight

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Score: 6/10

Ocean’s Eight is technically a sequel to George Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven movie series. Ocean’s Eleven was originally a remake of Ocean’s 11, also a heist movie that came out decades ago. It’s an okay movie where the biggest attraction of the movie is the many celebrity faces in the cast in addition to the celebrities who make cameos.

Ocean’s Eight picks up some time after the events of last Ocean’s movie. Debbie Ocean is the sister of Danny Ocean (George Clooney’s character in the Ocean’s movies). Debbie is newly released from prison where she spent most of her time they’re planning a big heist that will take place during the Met Gala. The Met Gala is this very fancy fundraising gala that takes place at Metropolitan Museum of Art every year and has all sorts of famous people attend. Debbie must now assemble a crew of talented criminals and perform one of the most expensive heists of all time.

Like the past Ocean’s movies, I found this one a little boring. The main draw of the past Ocean’s movies as well as this current one is the large cast of fairly recognizable celebrity faces. Notable cameos also include Anna Wintour and Olivia Munn (you only get a glimpse of the cameoing celebrities). It’s just celebs all over the place.

The other attraction of a good heist movie is that there is a twist in the plan that is so clever that it fools the audience. There’s something like that here, but it feels lazy and underwhelming.

Overall, this was a minimally entertaining movie. I think if you’re an advocate of girl power, you’re really going to like this movie similarly to how advocates of minority rights got behind Black Panther (a movie I enjoyed, but I thought was not much better than Doctor Strange). The other main group that I can think of that will enjoy this movie are those who love celebrity news and gossip. If you are obsessed with show business celebrities, this is the movie for you.

Score: 6/10

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