Movie Review: Incredibles 2

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Score: 7/10

Incredibles 2 is a good movie. There’s no big plot twists and no thought provoking commentary on society. This is just the first Incredibles movie, but with a little more.

Incredibles 2 is about a family of superheroes in a world where superheroes are outlawed. Incredibles 2 picks up right after where the last movie left off. A wealthy business man who loves superheroes wants to lobby the government and re-legalize superheroes. He comes up with a public relations campaign featuring Elastigirl (also known as Helen Parr, the mother/wife character). Now Mr. Incredible (otherwise known as Bob Parr, the husband/father character) must stay at home and deal with the hardship of being a stay at home dad while Elastigirl must fight a mysterious new villain.

While I enjoyed the movie, it didn’t meet my high expectations. I think part of the reason for this is because we live in a superhero saturated world. When the first Incredibles movie came out, we didn’t have the Marvel juggernaut pumping out superhero movies every five seconds. Seeing another movie about superheroes kind of fatigues me.

What is new about this movie is the creativity with which Elastigirl’s powers are manifested. It’s something that I haven’t seen in the Western world of comic book and superhero fiction and more akin to stuff I’ve seen in Japanese anime. The way they use those stretchy powers are very creative and are some of the best action scenes in the movie.

Speaking of action scenes, there are many and they are all fairly creative, funny and exciting. I’ve written in past posts that good action scenes have a progression and a rhythm to them. Incredibles 2 definitely follows that idea and has some great action scenes.

In regards to the story, it’s predictable. It’s funny, but predictable. I don’t know what I was expecting. The world of superheroes has been explored by comic books and movies to a thorough degree. Incredibles 2 introduces nothing new. The ending was also convenient and unsatisfying.

Overall, Incredibles 2 is an entertaining movie. As a comic book fan, I found it derivative. However, considering that most people are not comic book readers, most people likely will not feel that way and simply enjoy the movie.

Score: 7/10

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