Video Game Review: Season Pass and The Dreadful Crimes DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Details: Released in 2015. I purchased the season pass from for about twelve dollars. The Dreadful Crimes DLC does not come with the season pass and I purchased it separately from Ubisoft’s online store for about two dollars. Spent about thirty hours playing through the main game and all of the DLC excluding The Dreadful Crimes and Jack the Ripper DLC. The Dreadful Crimes took me about three hours. Played on the PC. Spent about five to ten hours playing through Jack the Ripper DLC. More information can be found here:

Score: 6.7/10 for the Season Pass, 7/10 for The Dreadful Crimes

The season pass for Assassin’s Creed is fun, but mostly not worth it unless you really loved Syndicate. For one thing, Dreadful Crimes does not come with it and that is a really fun piece of DLC. Secondly, with the exclusion of the Jack the Ripper DLC, the other missions and equipment don’t really add too much to the game.

The Season Pass contains quite a few additional missions that offers hours of additional content. There’s nothing really new here nor are the stories told by these missions all that meaningful. However, the Jack the Ripper DLC does have a meaningful story.

Jack the Ripper takes place years after the events of the main Syndicate narrative. This is like a mini expansion to Syndicate. It takes place in a different instance of the Syndicate world map. All your gear from the main game is left behind and you get new gear. The map you play on is smaller and there is none of the gang conquering mechanics anymore. The story centers on the character of Jack the Ripper obviously. Jack is terrorizing London as well as the London chapter of the Assassins and it’s up to Evie Frye to return from India and help Jacob capture Jack.

This DLC is worth it mainly because it acts like an epilogue to the Syndicate story. You get to see bits and pieces about the lives of our protagonists. The tone in Jack the Ripper is also pretty cool in how creepy it is. The music is classic horror genre music.

Overall, Jack the Ripper DLC is fine, it’s just not worth the price tag for individual purchase or with the season pass.

Score: 6.7/10

The other piece of DLC I purchased was The Dreadful Crimes DLC. I loved this content and it’s annoying that they did not include with the season pass or if you purchased the gold edition of Syndicate.

The Dreadful Crimes has no action at all. It’s mainly an investigative series of missions where you enter a crime scene, investigate clues and interview witnesses, then accuse the various witnesses based on who you think it the perpetrator of the crime.

I found this content a nice break from the constant sneaking and killing from the main game. The cases themselves were interesting and seemingly took inspiration from Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries.

Overall, this was worth the two dollar price tag that I paid for it. If you get Syndicate and you like mysteries, I recommend you pick up The Dreadful Crimes.

Score: 7/10

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