Musical Review: Heathers: The Musical

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Score: 6.8/10

Heathers: The Musical is based on the 1988 film Heathers. If you are unfamiliar with that film, it’s pretty much like a darker Mean Girls with more death. I’d say that Heathers copied Mean Girls, except that Heathers came first so it’s more like Mean Girls copied Heathers.

Heathers is about Veronica, a high school girl who is not cool. She gets an invitation to join the coolest clique in school, the Heathers. After falling for an emo/edge-lord/school-shooter type boy in school, things start escalating and students start dying, largely because of Veronica and her new man. Now Veronica must figure out what to do with her crazy boyfriend and how to get out of these murders.

Heathers is a very campy show. It’s mostly funny with moments of seriousness sprinkled throughout. The production is relatively small, so there aren’t any big set pieces like in Wicked or anything. This is a classic bubble gum musical, similar to Legally Blonde and the more recent Mean Girls musicals.

The songs are mostly okay. My favorite songs were Seventeen and Dead Girl Walking, sung mostly by Barrett Wilbert Weed. Speaking of her, Weed is the star and the standout performance of the show. Since the show came out years ago, I’ve got the fortune of seeing Weed’s career grow since then. I’m glad to see that she’s continued in musical theater as she is a very talented young lady.

Overall, this was an okay show. I know Heathers has a huge cult following as does Barrett Wilbert Weed. I think teenagers more than anyone else will enjoy this show. Unfortunately, it’s been closed for a number of years so there’s no chance to see it unless you go to a reproduction at a smaller theater somewhere. If you want to see Weed perform, she plays Janice in the new Mean Girls musical. I’ll have a review for that up later.

Score: 6.8/10

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