TV Show Review: Gravity Falls


Details: First aired in 2012. Two seasons, each season with twenty episodes and each episode at about twenty minutes long without commercials. Final episode was double that time. Official site is

Score: 6.7/10

I really enjoyed Steven Universe. Another show that is often brought up in the same breath is Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is a comedic cartoon that edges towards horror and the supernatural. It’s not as good as Steven Universe, but still somewhat entertaining.

Gravity Falls is about two kids who go to live with their grandpa in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Upon arrival, they discover that Gravity Falls is a center of weird and paranormal stuff. Together, they try to enjoy their summer while exploring the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

The majority of both seasons consist of standalone episodes. Season two has more episodes that relate to an overarching plot.

I found most of the episode hit or miss. A handful of episodes I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the episode where they had to get horse hair from a unicorn. The ending of season two I really enjoyed. The other episodes were just okay.

Overall, it’s a decent show. Some people love this show. For me, it was fine.

Score: 6.7/10

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