Anime Review: ReLIFE

Details: First aired in 2016. Including the OVA episodes that conclude the show, there are seventeen episodes with each around twenty-five minutes long. More information can be found at

A while back, ReLIFE was regularly at the top of the most watched anime on Now, that I’ve seen it, I don’t really see why it was so popular. ReLIFE is an ordinary drama with average to below average animation quality whose primary draw is its concept of an adult de-aging and going back to high school.

ReLIFE is about Arata Kaizaki, a twenty-seven year old who’s jobless and mostly withdrawn from society. Arata is just about at the end of his rope when a mysterious employee from some mysterious organization comes out of the shadows and offers him entrance to the ReLIFE rehabilitation program. In this program, Arata will take a pill that makes him look like someone of a high school age and go to school for a year. At the end of the year, the company will find a job for Arata. Arata cannot tell anyone that he is truly an adult and can’t bang any of the underage girls. At the end of the experience, the company will erase all of his classmates memories.

It’s not a well though out concept and doesn’t cover a lot of details. As a viewer, you just need to go with the concept and take it at face value.

What I liked about this series is that it is not very perv-y. I was expecting some severe fan service and I’m happy to say I didn’t get that. Arata acts like a parent and observer mostly to the drama that his classmates get into. The series does have some twists… which I mostly saw a mile away. Suffice it to say that though there is romance, none of it dips into underage sex territory.

The animation quality isn’t great.

Overall, it’s an okay show. I’m not sure I could recommend it to anyone unless they were desperate for some high school drama.

Score: 6.5/10

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