Anime Review: Your Lie In April

Details: Also known as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. First aired in 2014. Twenty-two episodes with each episode at around twenty-five minutes long. More information can be found at

Your Lie In April is another anime that shows why animation is often times a superior medium in which to tell a story. This show was made into a live action anime, but without a big budget and better production values, it’s hard for me to see how a live action version of this show can compete with this anime. Your Lie in April is a drama/romance with a somewhat predictable drama/romance plot. However, it’s the presentation of this story that makes it unique and so captivating to watch.

Your Lie In April is about a young pianist named Arima Kosei who no longer wishes to play piano because of the trauma he received from his mother’s passing. One Spring day, he is invited to hang out with his best friends to help one of them get with a girl. That girl is named Kaori Miyazono and is a young violinist. Upon meeting Kaori, Arima is captivated and so begins the tale of how Kaori helps Arima learn to love music again.

This isn’t an entirely new story. There are lots of elements that I’ve seen in other shows. There’s a little Nodame Cantibile, except that this show focuses a lot less on the technical aspects of music and more on how the music relates to the characters’ emotions and mental states. There’s also a lot of standard romance/drama tropes in the show, but what I think makes these old plot elements seem new is the presentation of the story.

By far, the strongest parts of this show are the music and the visuals. While there are many classical music song used, the most memorable songs were the songs they wrote for the show. The classical music performances are used much in the way they use songs in musicals, that is to help progress the character, reach some revelation or express an emotion. It’s all done well and much feels were had.

The visuals are amazing and a reminder why animation is so great. The use of colors is warm, bright and comforting. The imagery used does a great job expressing mental states and taking us on a psychological journey into each character. Furthermore, the art and animation are of great quality and I didn’t notice any real dips in that quality throughout the show.

Overall, Your Lie In April is a great show that I can recommend to just about anyone. If you like romance and drama, you’ll like this. It’s a sweet, often sad story. There were many moments that invoked the feels, but the ending hit me the hardest. I really enjoyed the show and encourage anyone interested to give it a chance.

Score: 7.7/10

One thought on “Anime Review: Your Lie In April

  1. TPAB~ May 13, 2018 / 11:32 am

    this anime is one of my current faves :)
    I cried buckets

    Liked by 2 people

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