Video Game Review: Broken Age

Details: Initially released in 2014. Beat it in about nine hours on the PC. Purchased for about $5.00 through Steam. Official site is

Broken Age is a crowd funded game from Double Fine Productions, the same company that made games like Psychonauts and Grim Fandango. I loved Grim Fandango, but it’s been years since I’ve played it much less a point and click adventure game. After playing through Broken Age, I can safely say that I did not love Broken Age and I don’t think I enjoy point and click adventure games anymore.

Broken Age is split up into two stories. One is about Vella, a girl who is about to go through a revered ceremony in her village. The other story is about Shay, a boy traveling through space in a space ship with seemingly no one else on board except a crew of robots and computer programs. You get to play through both stories and learn about how the characters are connected.

Gameplay is boring. Broken Age is a point and click adventure. That means that all game play can be played with only your computer mouse. You click on a spot and the character walks to it. You click on a person/object, you interact with it. There’s no action, just puzzles and they aren’t great puzzles. They aren’t intuitive, just annoying and obtuse. They generally consists of going around clicking on everything and talking to all the characters until you find the item that a certain character is looking for.

The story is just okay. I can see what they were trying to achieve by telling two stories and trying to intertwine them together with a mystery, but it just wasn’t interesting. The tone was dull and boring. They got some good voice actors, but they didn’t give them any exciting lines to perform.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy Broken Age and I struggled to get through it. I don’t recommend it at any price.

Score: 5/10

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