Video Game Review: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Expansion Pass

Details: Released in 2017 by Nintendo for the Switch and the Wii U. There are two content packs that cannot be purchased separately. You have to buy both together in an expansion pass that costs about twenty dollars. Additionally, I don’t think there’s a physical copy and you can only download it from the internet. Official site is

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has released two content packs since it’s release in 2017. These packs add more content to the game, but I don’t think they are essential or worth it for anyone except those who desperately love the game.

The first content is called The Master Trials. It comes with a few items littered throughout the land for you to find, a harder difficulty level called Master Mode, and the Travel Medallion item that lets you set a fast travel point anywhere. The most welcome addition in my opinion is the Hero’s Path feature which let’s you track where you’ve traveled throughout the game by drawing a line along your walking path on the map. This feature should have been included in the standalone game and really helps with exploring since now you know where you’ve been.

The primary focus of this DLC pack is the Trials of the Sword, which are around 51 challenge levels divided into three parts. You can’t save during each part, but you can save at the end or beginning of them. Beating each part upgrades the Master Sword. There really isn’t much story to the Trials of the Sword or to this DLC altogether. It’s a time waster. I spent about two hours playing through the content, about an hour collecting the new items and about an hour in the Trials of the Sword. I just didn’t find it compelling and I wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t a mandatory purchase within the Expansion Pass.

The downloadable content (or DLC) that I really wanted was the second content pack, titled The Champions’ Ballad. I spent about eight hours playing through this content including collecting the various items added with this DLC.

This content pack actually adds a little more story to the game. The primary addition is the a string of new quests that add new shrines and puzzles. Notably, one portion of the quest line involves the Obliterator, which is an item that allows you to kill in one hit while also dying if you receive a single hit. This was an interesting part of the game which I mostly spammed through with bomb arrows.

The entirety of the content can be divided into six or seven parts with a boss fight at the end of five of those parts. Four of the five bosses are just bosses taken from the standalone game but with item restrictions. There is one new boss though and it was really fun to fight against. If you go through the entire quest line in Champions’ Ballad, you unlock the motorcycle, which is a mount you can summon. It’s fun, but doesn’t add too much.

In regards to the story in Champions’ Ballad, there is definitely some here, but don’t expect an epic tale. It’s just a few cut scenes and a little color. Breath of the Wild definitely has a lack of a story and this downloadable content does not solve that problem.

Overall, the content was fun, but not essential to the game at all. If you don’t have twenty dollars to throw away and are not a devoted Breath of the Wild fan, then you can skip it. Otherwise, you probably already own the expansion pass so there’s no point in addressing people like you.

Score: 6.9/10

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