TV Show Review: Silicon Valley, Season 4

Details: Aired in 2017 on HBO. Ten episodes with each at about thirty minutes long. Official site is

Silicon Valley, season 4 is more of the same. That’s a good thing.

Season 4 of Silicon Valley continues the story of a group of coders trying to create the next great app in Silicon Valley and change the world. This is a comedy where much of the humor is drawn from the realities of the ridiculousness of the tech industry.

The humor in Silicon Valley is adult. Expect a lot of insults, discriminatory humor and toilet humor. Fortunately for me, that is exactly the kind of humor I enjoy. I imagine that if you worked in tech, specifically in Silicon Valley, there would be a lot more for you to relate to and be entertained by. As someone who does not work in tech, I enjoyed it just fine.

Overall, the show is great and I recommend adults give it a try. Don’t expect any real romance. This isn’t a serious show. It’s mostly about the jokes and drawing comedy from the ridiculous reality that is the tech industry.

Score: 7/10

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