Restaurant Review: Saigon Shack

Details: Located at 114 MacDougal Street, New York, New York 10012. Official site is

Saigon Shack is a Vietnamese restaurant near New York University. The most important things to keep in mind with this restaurant is that they do not take reservations, they only seat when the entire party is present, they only take cash, the prices are surprisingly cheap, and the food is surprisingly good.

The interior of the restaurant is very casual. It’s a small space of mostly benches and cheap tables. I had the classic bang mi (costs $5) with a thai iced tea (cost $4). Both very simple, cheap and very good. I considered getting pho which costs about ten dollars or more, but decided not to.

Service was fine.

Overall, a decent place to get Vietnamese food and food that is reasonably priced. Considering the location and how close it is to NYU, I feel like they could safely increase their prices if they wanted to. That they have not is another consideration in favor of this restaurant.

Score: 6.8/10


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