Comic Book Review: Green Lantern: Earth One, Volume 1

Details: Published in 2018. About 144 pages. Listed price is $24.99. Official site is

The Earth One series of DC Comics seeks to retell stories of your favorite DC Comics superheroes in — ideally — a more engaging way and subverting at least a few expectations. DC has worked its way writing Earth One stories for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and have now reached Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan is an astronaut mining asteroids for his company when he discovers a Green Lantern ring. Through this ring and the power it grants, Hal enters a bigger universe and learns more about the once powerful intergalactic organization known as the Green Lantern Corps.

The problem with Green Lantern: Earth One is that it doesn’t really do anything that different with the Green Lantern story. It’s sort of different, but it’s also sort of the same.

The art is okay, but not amazing.

Overall, I found this to be a story that you could skip. It’s not great nor does it introduce any cool new ideas to the Green Lantern mythos.

Score: 5/10

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