Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super, Episodes 120 to 131

Details: The series just ended and is going on hiatus after episode 131, which aired in 2018.

Dragon Ball Super is unadulterated fan service. I know that and yet I don’t care. I love Dragon Ball. For those who are not as biased as me, I know that Dragon Ball looks really stupid. I will admit, the story is pretty crap. I just don’t care. Dragon Ball Super gave me exactly what I wanted. It gave me fight scenes that were incredibly well animated and it gave me shiny new super saiyan forms embodied in different hair colors. For me, that is enough.

Goku and the gang are still fighting in the tournament to decide who will exist and who will be erased from existence. These last eleven episode focus largely on Jiren and his crew versus Goku and his crew. Jiren has established himself the most powerful fighter in the tournament and Goku and crew must figure out some way to beat him.

The best part about these last few episodes is the animation. This is some top quality stuff and could easily be mistaken for a larger budgeted full length movie. As a lifelong Dragon Ball fan, it’s hard not to get hyped when the fights are this well drawn and animated.

The story itself was mostly predictable, but still satisfying. Some things I didn’t see coming but could be characterized as ass-pulls. Regardless, I still found the plot and ending satisfying and a nice throw back to the history of Dragon Ball.

Overall, I loved this show. I know it just ended, but I need more Dragon Ball in my life. Thank goodness there’s a movie coming out soon. Damn I cannot wait until the show starts again.

Score: 7.5/10

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