Restaurant Review: Canaan Bakery

Details: Located at 4030 Union St, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official page so here’s the unclaimed Yelp page:

Canaan Bakery is a small, mom and pop Korean bakery with a surprisingly varied selection. In addition to cakes and other baked goods, they recently started selling steamed buns as well. It’s all pretty good stuff. However, I worry for this place because there are a lot of higher end Asian bakeries in Flushing and I’m not sure how a small independent bakery like this place can compete.

This place pretty much has a similar variety of breads as any other chain Korean bakery. They have sweet red bean, green tea, and cream filled breads. They also have savory varieties like croquettes and other types like curry or pizza themed breads. My personal favorite is the mocha cream bread. It’s not unique to this bakery, but the one here is cheap, good, and often times sold out.

Which leads to the primary reason you should come here versus the more recognizable Asian bakeries: it’s cheaper for a similar quality. Prices generally range from one dollar to three dollars. Also, you’d be helping out a small business rather than an international or city-wide chain.

Overall, I like this place and come by whenever I feel the craving for a sweet baked good. If you also get that craving, Canaan Bakery is a good place to go.

Score: 6.5/10

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