Restaurant Review: Naked Crab

Details: Located at 39-16 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is

Naked Crab is a fairly expensive seafood restaurant when compared to the other restaurants in Flushing. It mostly focuses on Cajun style seafood boils, but they also have a surprising number of higher end seafood dishes that cost a lot.

The space is really nice. It’s large and casual. Very roomy.

The menu is a lot higher class than I was expecting from a seafood boil place. They have things like sea urchin pasta, raw oysters, and daily specials that supposedly reflect the fresh catch that was brought in. Who knows if that is actually true. However, the primary reason anyone comes here and the most popular thing to order is the seafood boil.

For the seafood boil, first you choose your seafood, which is generally, clams, oyster, crawfish, etc. You can get lobster, snow crab, or something else higher priced, but these items will generally cost double what clams, oysters, or crawfish cost. Each seafood options is served by the pound and only by the pound. If you order two pounds of one thing or one pounds of two things, you get corn, potatoes and rice cakes added into your boil for free. After that, you pick your sauce and spice level and that’s it.

I had the crawfish with mussels. The food was your average seafood boil. I mean, you’re not going to get a big discrepancy in quality between different seafood boil places. It’s the same process. The sauce I had was the naked sauce, which was a combination of the other sauces all put together. Everything costs around thirty to thirty-five dollars altogether.

Overall, this place was okay. One lobster was thirty dollars, where a lobster tail at Shaking Crab was around fifteen last time I was there. If you want some Cajun style seafood boil in Flushing, I’d recommend Shaking Crab over Naked Crab. I can’t speak for the other items on the menu since I didn’t have them.

Score: 6.5/10

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