TV Show Review: Jessica Jones, Season 2

Details: Aired on Netflix in 2018. Thirteen episodes with each at about fifty minutes long.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a horror movie and the characters keep doing stupid things that are so stupid it kind of yanks you out of the experience. There’s a lot of that in season two of Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is mostly entertaining. It’s just that the climactic moments can seem kind of ridiculous at times.

Season two of Jessica Jones picks up where season one left off. Jessica, a super powered private detective, is still drinking her sorrows away when a series of murders relating to the shadowy group that gave her powers. Now Jessica must investigate and learn more about her past and what really happened when she got her powers as well as catch the killer.

I feel like this season was in many ways stronger than last season. We learn more about Jessica and there’s more character development for her and the rest of the cast. There are also a number of new characters that are introduced and they’re pretty interesting. There isn’t that much action though. No big fight scene like the one with Jessica and Luke Cage.

The weakest part of the season for me was the development and plot line for Patsy Walker. I get the reasoning the writers came up with for her actions, but damn was she stupid. She just kept doing stupid things. It felt like the writers needed a catalyst for a lot of the plot and they just threw Patsy under the bus because they couldn’t think or a proper plot device.

Overall, it was entertaining. Nothing special here. If you’ve been a fan of the Netflix Marvel superhero shows, then season two of Jessica Jones will entertain you just fine.

Score: 7/10

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