Comedy Show Review: Chris Rock: Tamborine

Details: Released in 2018 on Netflix. About an hour long.

The biggest problem with this show is that I’ve seen this show before. A comedy show from the perspective of a rich, black comedian about race, politics, and relationships. The biggest problem with Tamborine is that Dave Chappelle has already done this show and he did it better.

It’s not a bad show, it just feels redundant. A lot of jokes hit the mark, there just aren’t a lot of jokes. An hour is not too short, but Chappelle’s show was not only longer, his jokes were funnier.

The hardest thing to ignore is Rock’s perspective and how it’s exactly the same as Chappelle’s, except that Chappelle’s jokes were better. Chappelle’s jokes hit harder.

I will say that this is a Chris Rock we haven’t seen before. It’s a sadder, more solemn Rock. If you aren’t up to date with Chris Rock’s life, he recently divorced his wife who he has been married to for sixteen years. There were likely a lot of reasons why they divorced, but one of them is that he cheated multiple times on his ex-wife. Rock is also in the midst of raising children despite his divorce.

The first half of the show deals mostly with race and his kids. The second part goes into the relation between men and women, dating, as well as his own experiences with women. It’s pretty familiar stuff that didn’t all work for me.

Overall, I think the show is worth watching just because it’s Chris Rock. I don’t think it’s that great of a show though.

Score: 6.9/10

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