Movie Review: Coco

Details: Released in 2017. About an hour and forty-five minutes long. Stars Anthony GonzalezGael García BernalBenjamin Bratt.

I found the vast majority of Coco to be exceedingly predictable and yet, by the end of the movie, I could not help but shed a few tears. Coco is a great, emotional movie that belongs up there with the other great Pixar movies. Whatever secret ingredient it is that makes a Pixar movie great, Coco has it.

Coco is about a young Mexican boy who loves music. Unfortunately, his family hates music and forbids him to play. While trying to enter a music festival against his families wishes, he somehow enters the Mexican afterlife, the Land of the Dead. There the boy seeks to learn about his family and his love for music.

The story is infinitely predictable if you’ve ever seen a Pixar movie. There is only one thing that surprised me and it’s Hector’s back story, but I won’t say anything more than that. Even still, the third act and the ending definitely hit me in the feels. Pixar definitely knows it’s audience and if you see this movie with your kids or your parents, this movie will likely affect you.

Visually, this movie is lovely to look at. The characters all sport that classic Pixar cartoon-y look, but the environments are intricate and detailed. The movie has an intriguing color palette.

What I loved most was the music. There isn’t enough sung parts to make this a musical, but there are a few and they are done well. This is a story about music after all. There needed to be some good songs. Additionally, I also appreciated how they animated the characters’ hands accurately as they played guitar.

Overall, Coco is a great, family friendly movie. No matter your age, Coco is a movie that I can easily recommend. The only people I would not recommend it to are racists who hate Mexicans. This movie has a lot to do with Mexican culture and I appreciated it. It definitely added to the believability and to my immersion into the world of Coco.

Score: 8.4/10

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