Restaurant Review: Bread and Butter

Details: Located at 25 W 56th St., New York NY 10019, among other locations. Official site is

Bread and Butter is a place that largely caters to the working crowd in Manhattan. They have a couple of stations that make sandwiches, noodles, baked goods, and a buffet/salad bar.

One of the things I like most about Bread and Butter (at least for this specific location) is that it looks renovated. It’s clean and bright. A welcome change to most lunch places that do what Bread and Butter does.

The buffet at my location has surprisingly good. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive lunch buffet in the area. A pound of food is around eleven dollars, a few dollars more than the competition in the area. However, food choices include sushi among other things. I can easily say that there is no buffet that provides better options or higher quality within two or three blocks of this particular Bread and Butter.

But what you should probably get here is a sandwich. They have various pre-made sandwiches for around nine dollars, some of which really don’t taste good. Most sandwiches on a hero are ten dollars or less. Just ask for what you want rather than the pre-made options.

Overall, Bread and Butter is a solid place to get lunch if you work in the area.

Score: 6.9/10

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