Musical Review: In Transit

Details: I saw it when it was on Broadway in 2016. You can find the playbill at

In Transit is a musical that is performed purely A Capella. There is no background music. Everything is performed by voice. While I enjoyed the show, it did remind me just how much I enjoy live instrumental music.

In Transit follows the lives of a number of New Yorkers as their lives crisscross each other on the subway. Each character gets a turn as we follow them through their problems through to their resolutions. Most of the show takes place on the subway or on a station platform, though not all of it does.

There are many interesting things about this show. Firstly, the stage itself is fascinating. The audience sits on both sides of a stage that is between them. In the middle there is a conveyor belt which moves and simulates the train moving or people walking.

Also interesting is the music itself. There is obviously a lead vocal, but all the background music is done by background singers. Notably, one of the singers is a talented beat box singer and he does an amazing job creating a beat to all the music.

The story is very New York and very cheesy. It’s got a lot of cliché plot lines with foreseeable conclusions.

The acting was fine.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, though it did make me miss the instrumentals of a regular musical. This isn’t a revolutionary show. It’s more like an experiment to see just how far you can go with just A Capella. Turns out, you can make it last a whole show of an hour and a half.

Score: 6.5/10

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