Anime Review: Nobunaga Concerto

Details: Aired in 2014. Ten episode with each episode a little under twenty-five minutes long. There’s also a live action drama and movie that I didn’t watch.

This is a mostly incomplete anime series. For that reason, you might want to watch the live action drama instead and the movie to get the full story. However, if you’re intrigued by the anime, it’s still worth a watch and there is an ending to this first season, even if it felt like the show got canceled after the first season aired. I still enjoyed the show for its style and the color it gives to Japanese history.

Nobunaga Concerto is about a Japanese high school student who spontaneously falls through time to the Warring States period in Japanese history. For whatever reason, the student looks exactly like Oda Nobunaga, a famous conqueror from Japanese history. Maybe the most famous. The student somehow meets the real Nobunaga, who is fleeing his castle and asks the student to replace him since they look the same. The student takes his place and decides to take over Japan, fulfilling the history of Nobunaga and Japan described in his textbook.

This is a historical anime that seeks to provide color and emotion to historical events that may be dry to the people of today. I think it tries to do what Hamilton the musical did for American history in that it tries to make historical events interesting. In that regard, it’s mostly successful. After watching this show, I found myself wanting to look up Japanese history to try and figure out what aspects of the show were true and which aspects were dramatized.

The thing about this show that stands out the most is the art style. The show uses a combination of computer generated effects and hand drawn images. I usually hate computer generated images, but the art style in this show grew on me over time.

Overall, the show is a fun watch, though it does feel like they just gave up on it at the end of the final episode. Maybe they’ll pick it up again in the future.

Show: 6.2/10

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