Anime Review: Restaurant to Another World

Details: Also known as Isekai Shokudō. Aired in 2017. Twelve episode with each episode at a little under twenty-five minutes.

Two of the most popular genres of anime right now are fantasy anime (Sword Art Online, Konosuba, Overlord, too many others to count) and gourmet/food anime (Shoukugeki no Soma being the most popular I think). Restaurant to Another World combines these two genres to create a lighthearted anime that was relaxing and fun watch.

Restaurant to Another World is about a Japanese Western style restaurant named Nekoya in the real world. Every seven days, the door to the restaurant connects to a fantasy world with dragons, magic, knights and monsters. This show is about the customers from that fantasy world that discover this restaurant and the Western Japanese style food that Nekoya serves.

It’s an interesting mashup that surprisingly works. The show somewhat reminded me of the anime The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, except that it is less of a comedy and more of a drama/slice of life show.

The show never really gets all that tense or dramatic, though there are a few emotional moments. Each episode is a standalone episode and each episode can be divided into two parts or two individual stories. In each story a character from the fantasy world discovers this restaurant. We learn about the character and their history. The character then orders some food which teaches them something or rejuvenates them to resolve whatever conflict they had in the fantasy world. Then they leave and that’s the end of the story. Over time, we do learn more about the circumstances surrounding the restaurant.

I don’t know what it is about anime food, but it always looks so delicious. The same is true in this show. The food served here isn’t even that complicated. It’s standard Japanese style Western food. If you’ve never had it before, it consists of things like tonkatsu, hamburger steak, and tempura. It’s like Japanese style diner food. And yet watching them eat made me hungry every time I watched this show. This is definitely one of those food shows that you want to have some food in front of you when you watch because you will get hungry.

Overall, this was an enjoyable watch. Don’t expect a lot of drama or stress. Like the food served, Restaurant to Another World is an easily digestible show that will leave you satisfied.

Score: 7/10

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