Anime Review: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Details: Aired in 2017. Twelve episodes with each episode a little under twenty-five minutes long.

Juni Taisen is an action, battle royale oriented anime. I mostly enjoyed it for what it was.

Juni Taisen is about twelve warriors from twelve warrior families who come together to fight to the death. The prize is the granting of the sole survivor’s wish. Also, each warrior seems to have some kind of supernatural or superhuman power.

A lot of the draw of this show is learning about and connecting to each character… before watching them horribly murdered. In that regard, this show does a really great job. I enjoyed learning about the circumstances behind each character as well as the mystery behind each person’s hidden power. I even found myself hoping certain characters wouldn’t die… leaving me somewhat depressed when some of them did. It’s kind of similar in tone to the early seasons of Game of Thrones where you aren’t really sure who will live and who will die. Half the fun of the show is just finding and trying to guess who’ll survive.

Animation is mostly good. Some episodes dip in quality. One episode uses an unusually large amount of computer generated effects, which I usually hate in anime. It felt like the show ran out of budget halfway through the series and found that computer effects were cheaper than using hand drawn images. Luckily, I think only one episode did that. Most of the action was well animated.

Overall, I enjoyed this show and I think twelve episodes was the correct length for show like this. If you need a little action and pulp fiction in your life, Juni Taisen isn’t a bad choice.

Score: 6.5/10

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