Anime Review: Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series

Details: Also known as Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World-Aired in 2017. Twelve episodes with each episode a little over twenty minutes long.

Kino’s Journey can be considered a second season or a remake of the similarly named anime that was released in 2003. A few of the episodes are remakes/upgrades to episodes in the prior anime series. Personally, this never bothered me because I’ve mostly forgotten everything from the prior anime series since I watched it so long ago. For me, this newly released series of Kino’s Journey is an interesting, tense adventure that often times dips into the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

Kino’s Journey is about Kino, an androgynous young person (she’s a girl I think, but it’s deliberately ambiguous) who travel’s through various countries in her world. In Kino’s world, each country is wildly different in regards to the law, the culture, and the people. Each episode is generally a standalone that explores the nature of each country. In this way, the show kind of reminds me of Star Trek or any other similar show in that Kino travels to these almost alien places and tries to understand them, usually conveying to the audience ideas and themes related to our real world.

What I liked most about this show is that at the beginning of each episode, you’re never really sure if this is a good town or a horrifically perverse town. This show definitely dips its toes into the horror/science fiction genre with the plot often times getting real intense. Other times, things remain simple and pleasant. Most of the time, you can expect some sort of twist as Kino unravels the mystery and nature of each country she explores. You never really know. I found myself watching the show with this pre-programmed sense of dread/suspense at what horrors Kino might discover in each subsequent episode.

The art is good and I never really noticed any dips in quality. They use some computer generated images, which I generally disapprove of in anime. Fortunately, they mostly only used computer generated effects to animate Kino when she’s riding her motorcycle.

Overall, Kino’s Journey is a good show that I can recommend. There is some troubling subject matter, so I probably would not recommend this to young children. If you like mysteries, suspense, science fiction, and adventure, you’ll probably like Kino’s Journey.

Score: 7/10

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