Restaurant Review: Pho Best

Details: Located in the mall at 42-35 Main St, Unit 1k, Flushing, NY 11355. I couldn’t find an official site but I did find a claimed Yelp site here:

Recently I did a search for something to eat in downtown Flushing and near the top of the list was Pho Best. Pho Best is mostly the same as every other Pho noodle place in the neighborhood. What distinguishes Pho Best from the other Vietnamese Pho restaurants in Flushing is one thing: bone marrow.

Bone marrow has been a trendy item to have in restaurants for a long time and Pho Best is one of the few restaurants I’ve seen have it. It isn’t the only Vietnamese restaurant I’ve seen with bone marrow on the menu though.

I ordered the pho noodles with rib eye, brisket, tendon and trip (for $8.25). I also added bone marrow ($3) and pork chop ($2.50). Everything other than the bone marrow was about as good as I’ve had anywhere else in Flushing. The bone marrow however was extraneous. It was just like eating pure fat and I think the noodle soup was better without it.

Overall, Pho Best is just another standard Vietnamese noodle place. Bone marrow is interesting, but mostly unnecessary to pho noodles. I prefer my pho without it.

Score: 6.5/10

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