Restaurant Review: Via Carota

Details: Located at 51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014. The official site is

My goodness was this placed packed. I came here with a friend on a Saturday night and the wait took about two hours. They don’t take reservations. They just write down names onto some pipes with chalk as people come in. They have a bar where you can drink as you wait… for hours. Despite the long wait, each patron that I saw add their name to the pipes extolled the same admiration and praise for this restaurant’s food. After eating at this restaurant, I mostly disagree.

I had the pappardelle (sauced with wild boar ragu, cost $22) and a slice of what I think is raspberry pie for dessert (cost $10). The standard I use when evaluating pasta at Italian restaurants is by comparing them to Eataly. Despite the two hour wait, the pasta tasted about as good as what you’d find in Eataly, except the portions were slightly smaller. Eataly is also a little cheaper. The pie was good. I hadn’t had good pie in a while.

Service was noticeably nice.

Overall, this place wasn’t worth the wait. If you want pasta of similar quality, ditch this place and head to Eataly.

Score: 6/10

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