Restaurant Review: Red 58

Details: Located at 158 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

What a bad restaurant. Red 58 is the kind of restaurant that feels like it was opened by two frat brother with rich parents. One day, these two frat brother were sitting around and thought to themselves,” what if we open a bar/restaurant?” And then they did. But they didn’t know how to cook, so they hired a mutual friend who dropped out of culinary school and hired one of their Russian ex-girlfriends to be the waitress/bartender. Ask mommy and daddy for a little interior decorating investment and voilà, you have Red 58.

I came here with some friends for lunch. The service was pretty bad. Took them like thirty minutes to take our orders. To be fair, there were only two service people. However, these were some of the laziest service people I’ve ever seen. They just wandered around ignoring customers, my party included.

I ordered the Red 58 burger, which was simply a burger with blue cheese and a single onion ring on it, served with fries. Though the menu priced it higher, it cost twelve dollars. This may have been because we came during lunch. The food was okay.

Overall, this place was pretty bad. The food was okay, if not underwhelming. However, I do not recommend anyone go to this place.

Score: 4/10

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