Restaurant Review: Between the Bread

Details: Located at 145 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Between the bread is like Dig Inn, except that it’s a few dollars more expensive. In exchange, you also get more options, like more meat options, baked goods, breakfast and sandwiches.

Like Dig Inn, Between the Bread uses a Chipotle style assembly line. Unlike Dig Inn, rice or a starch are not complimentary. If you order shrimp, then they give you rice. If you order something like chicken, then rice counts as a separate side. It’s lousy.

When ordering, you first pick your protein. They have more options here than Dig Inn, options like chicken, fish, tofu and even shrimp. Two of the chicken and fish preparation styles change almost daily, providing another flavor option. Unlike Dig Inn, they don’t have heat lamps so the food is generally room temperature or cold. Then you pick two sides, dishes like pasta salad or Brussels sprouts. Prices range from around twelve to sixteen dollars.

Overall, the food is all right. I usually come here when I’m tired of Dig Inn’s taste and I still want a healthier for lunch. It is pricey though. Dig Inn was already a bit much for work lunch and Between the Bread costs even more.

Score: 7/10

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