Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super

Details: First started airing in 2015 and is still airing. There are currently one hundred and nineteen episodes. Each episode is a little over twenty minutes long.

Like many other children at the time, I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z. I used to wake up early every morning at around six, turn the volume real low and watch about thirty minutes of posturing and cartoon characters yelling at the top of their lungs. Dragon Ball Z was an integral part of my youth, which is why seeing it started up again in this most recent incarnation (and retconning all of Dragon Ball GT away) made me really excited. After watching over a hundred episodes of the show, I am happy to say that Dragon Ball Super is maintains the action and entertainment of Dragon Ball Z while reaching new levels of fan service.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest series belonging to the long-running Dragon Ball anime franchise. All of the stories in this franchise center on Goku, a powerful human-looking alien belonging to a race of warriors and his desire to fight and become stronger.

Dragon Ball Super picks up after the end of the Majin Buu story arc in Dragon Ball Z. All is peaceful on the Earth for once until the God of Destruction shows up, sparking off a chain events that lead to new battles, new training, and new forms for Goku and friends to transform into.

If you are not a fan of Dragon Ball Z and have never watched and episode of it, don’t bother watching Dragon Ball Super. This show is not for you. This show is for the fans. The action, the new transformations, the new characters, the return of old characters, it’s all for the fans. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super is a must watch. It has everything you loved from Dragon Ball Z and ramps it up a few more notches. Dragon Ball Super does a great job in creating hype and then delivering with a well animated fight scene.

A lot of what I enjoyed in this show is just the fan service. I don’t mean in showing boobs or things like that. When I was a kid, I would talk to my friends about who was strongest, what would happen if different people fused together, and what’s the next level beyond Super Saiyan 3? Dragon Ball Super explores all those fan questions and gave me a heavy sense of nostalgia in answering them.

Overall, I really enjoy Dragon Ball Super and will continue to watch it as long as it keeps putting out well animated fight scenes.

Score: 7/10

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