Restaurant Review: Sheng Ramen

Details: Located at 36-36 Prince St. Ste. 102, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s their claimed Yelp page:勝面-sheng-ramen-flushing

Sheng Ramen stands out in my mind because it has the best bowl of zha jiang mian (or jia jiang mian) that I’ve had in all of New York City. It isn’t the best by a wide margin, but it is the best.

Sheng Ramen is a Taiwanese-Japanese influenced noodle restaurant in Flushing, NY. They have a variety of noodle soups, noodle dishes without soup, vegetarian dishes, and some appetizers like dumplings, chicken wings, etc.

It’s a casual restaurant. You go up to the counter and make your order. They give you a number and will bring the food to you. You don’t have to pay tip here.

I’ve the Tonkotsu ramen (around ten dollars), the Shacha dry noodles (eight dollars and vegetarian), and the Jia Jiang noodles (eight dollars). The Tonkotsu was too salty for me. The noodles they use are more like Japanese ramen noodles versus anything you’d find in China or Taiwan. That means chewy and thin yellow noodles, not the fat and soft kind you usually find in Chinese restaurants. The noodles are fine, but nothing compares to that Jia Jiang noodles in my opinion.

Personally, I don’t like Korean style Jia Jiang noodles. It’s too syrupy and sweet. I’ve had this dish from some main land Chinese influenced restaurants and their sauce is too watery and lacking in flavor or too sweet. I’ve even had it from the Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing and found them lacking. This is the only place where I’ve had this dish and been satisfied.

Overall, I really liked this restaurant and will be coming back. It’s a really relaxed place to eat and the noodles are fine. I read some comments on how their appetizer dishes are good, but I’ve never had them as I’m really only here for the noodles.

Score: 7/10

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