Musical Review: Waitress

Details: Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2016. The playbill for the original Broadway cast can be found at The official site is

The above clip is the first time I’d ever heard of the musical Waitress. It was at the 2016 Tony Awards and after that, I was desperate to see more of this show. Waitress is an adorable, funny romantic comedy with music written by Sara Bareilles.

Waitress is based on the Keri Russel movie of the same name. It follows the life of a waitress with a knack for making amazing pies. This waitress is in a difficult, almost abusive marriage and really would like to leave when she discovers that she’s pregnant. Now she has to deal with this news along with an attraction to her handsome gynecologist. We also get to follow the lives of her two coworkers and their experiences with love and romance.

The story isn’t amazing. It’s the dialogue and more so the music that really make this show excel. Sara Bareilles writes a clever bunch of songs that are hilarious and very moving at times.

The cast is stupendous. Jessie Mueller of course is incredibly talented as an actress and a singer. Her range and ability to belt notes is just ridiculous. However, Kimiko Glenn and Christopher Fitzgerald do a great job of stealing the show with their songs “When He Sees Me” and “Never Ever Getting Rid of Me.”

Overall, this is a lovely musical and if it was released in a different year from Hamilton, there’s a high chance it would have won the Tony Award for Best Musical. It’s not for kids though, lots of sex stuff. If you’re an adult and you’re looking for a funny, feel good show to go see, you can’t go wrong with waitress.

Score: 8.4/10

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