Musical Review: School of Rock

Details: Nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2016. The playbill for the original Broadway cast can be found at The official site is

School of Rock is a musical based on the movie of the same name. Like Sister Act and Legally Blonde, this is a fairly shallow musical that isn’t great for adults looking for something better than your average musical. This is a good show to bring your family to though.

School of Rock is pretty much a scene for scene recreation of the movie, but with music. The story centers on the character of Dewey, an unemployed loser who just got kicked out of his band right before a big rock music competition. In a bid to make some money, Dewey impersonates his roommate and takes his place as a substitute teacher at a highly prestigious private school. There, Dewey learns that the students are very musically talented and decides to turn the kids into a band and compete in and win the rock music competition.

My biggest problem with this show is… the kids. They’re just… kids. They aren’t great actors and they aren’t great performers. The adult actors felt like they toned down their performances to match them in a sense, which was disappointing because they had Sierra Boggess! My goodness, Boggess is an operatic marvel. They gave her a few notes to sing in an opera style, but I’ve heard Boggess sing Phantom of the Opera and it is a crime to put her in something and not show off those operatic talents.

The music is mostly new. They did keep the one, main song from the movie that they perform at the end.

Overall, it’s a cute story for kids. If you have kids, this is a good musical to bring them to. This is not that good for a date or if you are a musical lover and are looking something with more depth.

Score: 6/10

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