Food Stall Review: Joe’s Steam Rice Rolls

Details: Located at 136-21 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official web page, but I did find a claimed Yelp page here:

Joe’s Steam Rice Rolls is a fairly large food stall in a small strip mall off Main Street in Flushing. If you aren’t familiar, rice rolls are a common dim sum food item where they roll up fragile, soft, steamed rolls of rice flour filled usually with meat or some kind.

When you order you’ve got a number of decisions to make. First you decide the filling, of which I chose pork. There are a few other meat options. Then you decide whether you want a small or a large size. I ordered the small and it was about the size of a large plate, more than enough for one person. Then you can order additional things like egg (which costs extra) and corn (free), scallions (free), and cilantro (also free) among others. There are some skewered fish balls and tofu that stew in a soup that you can order as well.

What’s most interesting is watching them make it. They have this big steamer and they take the rice flour slurry and poor it onto a large pan. They then steam it and put the ingredients on and roll the thing up.

Overall, it’s tasty, but nothing that special. The most interesting thing is the serving size. A small is four dollars while a large is six. The small is pretty huge so a large is probably catastrophically large. Additionally, while there are not tables, there are a couple of stools along the counter where you can sit and eat.

Score: 5.8/10

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