Musical Review: Legally Blonde

Details: The playbill can be found at

Legally Blonde is a musical based on the movie of the same name. If you’re familiar with the source material, you won’t be surprised to hear that this is a lighthearted, if not shallow show that I found surprisingly funny.

The story follows Elle Woods, a fabulous, fun, wealthy college student whose boyfriend recently dumped her because he wanted someone more serious as he’s going to the prestigious Harvard Law School after he graduates. Elle decides to do whatever it takes to get into Harvard and win back her ex-boyfriends heart. Thus ensues a comedic series of events as Elle learns more about the practice of law, of her fellow classmates, and of herself.

Like the Sister Act musical, this is a fun show. It’s not that serious and not groundbreaking at all. It basically follows the movie scene by scene and injects a catchy musical number periodically, usually in the scenes that have the most conflict or emotion. This isn’t always true though as some songs are simply there for comedic purposes, like a song that is entirely about trying to figure out whether someone is gay or European.

The actors are fine, though mostly forgettable. I can see this show doing well with just about anyone playing the roles.

Overall, it’s a fun, silly show. If you’ve seen everything on Broadway except for this, then go see it. Otherwise, you can skip this show and not worry about it too much. There are other, more expensive, more entertaining shows on Broadway that are more worth seeing. Additionally, this is a show I’d be comfortable taking teenagers to. There’s some sexual content so maybe don’t bring young children.

Score: 6.5/10

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