Musical Review: Sister Act

Details: Nominated for the Tony Award for best musical in 2011. You can find a playbill for the original Broadway cast

Sister Act is a musical based on the movie of the same name. I loved the movie, but I wasn’t really excited to see this show until I saw Patina Miller and the rest of the cast perform on the Tony Awards. They were great. And so I went and watched the show, which was very funny and entertaining, though not groundbreaking in the slightest.

Sister Act tells the story of Delores Van Cartier, a nightclub singer and dancer who witnesses a murder and must then go into witness protection. She ends being hidden in a convent for nuns and is changed by the experience as she also changes the nuns there. Together, they all grow through the music they make together and revitalize the church and each other.

The music in this show is entirely original and does not share any songs from the movie. So if you’re worried this is a rehash of the movie and its songs, don’t worry. The music is kind of nightclub pop music mixed with a little gospel. I really enjoyed it as there’s always something magical when a group or choir of people belt a note in unison or in harmony. It hits you right to your very core and Sister Act has a lot of songs like that.

The story is pretty much the same story from the movie so not much new there.

Acting was fine. Patina Miller was fine, but I can easily see someone else in her role and doing just as fine a job.

Overall, this was a fun show. Book of Mormon was undoubtedly the better, more original musical of that year and definitely deserved the win for the Tony Award for Best Musical. If you get a chance to watch this show, definitely do.

Score: 7/10

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