Restaurant Review: 99 Favor Taste

Details: Located at 135-41 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354, among other locations. The official site is

99 Favor Taste is a chain of all you can eat hot-pot and Korean barbecue restaurants.

If you aren’t aware, hot-pot is a method of communal dining where everyone cooks food in broth at the table. Think fondue, but with broth instead of cheese. Korean barbecue is also communal dining, but with a grill and Korean style marinated meat instead.

You can get all you can eat hot-pot for around twenty-three dollars or you can get all you can eat Korean barbecue for around twenty-six dollars, or you can get both for around thirty-one dollars.

I came and only got the hot-pot, but I was smelling that Korean barbecue at other tables and it smelled damn good. They have a variety of broths to choose from. I had the herbal  broth, which was okay. I’d probably opt for the pig bone next time. Everyone gets their one soup pot by the way, so no worries about sharing broth or someone taking something you’ve cooked.

While most of the menu is all you can eat, some of the more desirable items cost extra and were priced per serving. The sauce bar was fairly complete with all your standard hot-pot sauces.

Worth mentioning is that if its your birthday, you get to eat for free. The only thing you must do in exchange is take a picture with their mascot. Someone had their birthday when I was there. I felt bad for the guy in the mascot costume as the costume was pretty big and he kept bumping into things.

Overall, I had a good time and twenty-three dollars is pretty good for all you can eat hot-pot.

Score: 6.5/10


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