Anime Review: Tsuredure Children

Details: Aired in 2017. Twelve episode with each episode at about twelve minutes long.

Generally speaking, I don’t enjoy most romance oriented shows. They’re too formulaic, predictable, and derivative. If you’ve seen one romance, you’ve seen almost all of them. Especially when it comes to romances that take place in normal settings. Tsuredure Children is one of the exceptions to this. Tsuredure Children is cute, funny, and packaged in a digestible format that keeps it from becoming your standard stale, derivative romance story.

Tsuredure Children follows the fictional romances between a number of high school couples (or attempted couples) in segments that usually last a few minutes each. That means you’ll see one potential couple flirt and try to get to together for a few minutes, and then you may or may not revisit this couple a couple of episodes later on to see their progress.

This is a fast format that worked well to keep me engaged. While this is a romance, this is primarily a romance oriented sketch comedy show. I know this show is based on a manga or something and it’s not hard to see how it was based of a newspaper comic strip or something similar.

Every sketch is primarily funny, but also sweet in that you get to see two people try to navigate their feelings. There is some minor drama as well, but the comedy comes first and there are a lot of great jokes here.

Worth mentioning is the great, comedic voice acting in this show. Specifically, there is an overprotective little sister character that only shows up in two segments, but steals the show every time she does. I think the voice actress for this character is also the voice actress for Asuna in Sword Art Online, which only helps express her range as a voice actress.

Overall, this is a great show that is entertaining while not being time-consuming. If you remotely like anime, comedy, and romance, this show is one that is easy to recommend.

Score: 7/10

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