Anime Review: New Game!

Details: First aired in 2016. This is a review of New Game! (season 1) and New Game!! (season 2) or the show. There are a total of twenty-four episodes, not including the OVA from the first season. Each episode is about twenty-three minutes long.

New Game! is a workplace comedy/slice of life show about a group of video game developers and their experience at a company that makes video games.

The protagonist of this show is Aoba, a recent high school graduate who starts work at a video game company as an artist in the character design department. She meets the rest of the her department and they all engage in shenanigans as they work together to try and meet deadlines and finish their company’s video game.

While there is a lot here about making video games, it’s a superficial look at making video games in Japan. New Game! is to video game making as The Office was to selling paper. In other words, making video games is just a setting for which comedy and drama to occur.

There’s not much to say about the show. The art is consistent. Voice actors are adequate. There’s some light drama, but it’s mostly lighthearted comedy.

Overall, this is just a calm, sunny show. There are laughs, but no belly laughs. Just some light chuckles. Additionally, everyone in this show is female. There are no males drawn here. There is some light fan service, but like all other elements of this show, it’s not serious. If you’ve got time to kill and need a lighthearted, funny show that won’t test your emotions too much, this is it.

Score: 6.8/10

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