Comic Book Review: Gotham By Gaslight and Master of the Future

Details: Gotham By Gaslight was released in 1989 and Master of the Future was released in 1991 by DC Comics. The book I read collected both stories and is about 115 pages long.

I was watching a trailer for the new animated movie coming out called Gotham By Gaslight. It’s a what if kind of story which imagines if Batman had taken place a hundred years ago. The trailer got me curious and I decided to give the source material a read. What I found was a decent story that gave a different take on the character and mostly gave me feelings of nostalgia about the style of comic books during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Gotham By Gaslight takes place in late 1800’s, early 1900’s Gotham City, which is in America. Bruce Wayne has finished traveling the earth and has returned to Gotham to fight crime and catch his parents’ killer. It is around this time that Jack the Ripper has seemingly arrived in Gotham and continued his trail of murder and death that he started in England.

While this is a Batman story, it’s best not to treat it as such. Normally in these kinds of stories, a large part of the fun is seeing how classic characters from the Batman universe have been changed to fit this new world. There’s a lot of that here, but a lot of the story relating to Jack the Ripper does not. Altogether, it’s just a crime mystery that happens to involve Batman.

Master of the Future is another story that takes place in this world. More so than Gotham By Gaslight, it’s loosely based on the Batman mythos. It’s mostly a story relating to a steampunk-esque villain of that time period.

Overall, these were two interesting side stories loosely relating to Batman. The art was fine as was the plot. Though this isn’t necessary reading, it’s a nice side story if you feel like reading something to kill time.

Score: 6/10

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