Restaurant Review: Made Nice

Details: Located at 8 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001. The official site is

Made Nice is fast casual restaurant from the chefs at Eleven Madison Park, the three Michelin starred restaurant also considered by to be the best restaurant in the world. This is their take on fast casual and what’s most surprising is not that the food is good, but that the food is only a few dollars more expensive than many other fast casual places. In fact, many other fast casual places are the same price. The primary difference here is that Made Nice has the cachet of Eleven Madison Park.

The interior is what you’d expect from a fast casual place. There’s not waiter service and you go up and place your order. I don’t think the food is made to order, but that’d be impossible given the speed and volume they seem to want. There’s a seating area of around thirty or so seats at various tables. Like at Chipotle, you just place your order, then stand in the waiting area for your food. It’s slower than Chipotle, for sure, but there is arguably higher quality food with more options. This place is more in line with a Dig Inn.

I ordered the Pork N’ Corn (confit pork shoulder, wheatberries, roasted corn, chorizo, cremini mushrooms, caramelized onion and watercress) which cost fourteen dollars. I also had the Milk & Honey soft serve (milk ice cream, honey brittle, oat shortbread and buckwheat honey) for six dollars.

The Pork N’ Corn was really good. You get this big rectangle of pork shoulder which was very tender and fell apart to my fork. Everything else was fine. The primary flavor I was tasting was that of a vinegar dressing, which is fine as I like vinegar. I’ve known people who hate vinegar, so that’s a consideration. The Milk & Honey soft serve was simply a regular soft serve with honey and what seemed like granola in it. Nothing special about it and I’d say it was somewhat bad because the sauce they added to it made the soft swerve too sweet. I through a substantial amount of it away because it tasted so bad I didn’t want to eat it any more.

Service was nice.

Overall, I enjoyed this place and if I lived closer, I would be tempted to try everything on the menu. It’s a little pricier than Dig Inn, which I see as its primary competitor. I think Made Nice is a good option for when you get tired of Dig Inn or Chipotle, but I’d still lean toward the other fast casual options since Made Nice is still more expensive than most.

Score: 7/10

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