Restaurant Review: Maki Maki

Details: Located at 1369 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

Maki Maki is a relatively new takeout only sushi place in midtown Manhattan. What differentiates this place from other sushi places in the area is the higher than average quality of the sushi, prices which match lower quality sushi options in the area, and their focus on hand rolls.

While there is sashimi in a refrigerator in the back, this place primarily sells your standard eight piece rolls and hand rolls. Hand rolls have the same ingredients as a regular sushi roll, except that it’s served in a cone of seaweed and rice, wrapped around the primary ingredient, which is usually fish. Hand rolls here are also cheaper than regular rolls by a few dollars. The food is also made to order, making it much fresher than the pre-made stuff you often find in supermarkets and other sushi takeout places.

Something else also worth mentioning is that this place actually has toro, which is a fattier, more expensive kind of tuna (bluefin tuna) that most takeout sushi places do not have. It’s not the fattiest tuna or best I’ve ever had, but it’s still noticeably better than that blood-red tuna you’d normally have from your local, cheap sushi place.

I had the eel avocado hand-roll (cost $6.00), the yellowtail scallion hand roll (cost $6.00), and the bluefin tuna hand roll (cost $10.00). Everything was really fresh and tasty. Fresher than, again, your standard cheaper sushi takeout place. I was really impressed they even had fatty tuna.

The service was great and they took the time to explain how to eat the hand rolls. It’s not complex and novel as it requires removing two pieces of plastic. They seem to have some sort of seaweed freshness technology… whatever that means. All I know was that the seaweed was fine and not soggy.

Overall, it’s a good place to get sushi, though expensive. After tax, the three rolls cost me over twenty-five dollars. That prices the place out of my workday lunch price range. Instead, I think this place is a good place for fast, fresh sushi if you’re in the area. It’s too expensive for lunch and, since it’s a takeout only restaurant, it’s not an option for an eat in dinner.

Score: 6.8/10

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