Restaurant Review: Katsu-hama

Details: Located at 43-45 West 55th St. 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019. Official site is:

Katsu-hama is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in… katsu. Katsu is Japanese style breaded chicken or pork cutlet.

I’ve been here twice. The restaurant is upstairs and I like the interior. There’s a bar area and a few dining areas. It’s comfortable.

I’ve ordered two things: the Tonkatsu Ramen ($13.00) and the Pork Fillet Katsu Don ($14.50). The ramen came with half a soft-boiled egg and a thinly sliced piece of fatty pork. After having ramen at places like Hide-Chan and Totto Ramen, the thinly sliced piece of cold pork was disappointing. If you need ramen and you’re eating here, it’s okay to order. Otherwise, I’d recommend ramen from just about any other reputable ramen place in Manhattan. The pork they use in the ramen here is just sad.

The katsu don was good, but it cost a lot more than I’m used to paying for it. I will say, that it was a noticeably good quality katsu don. Fifteen dollars are still a lot to pay for something that usually costs me around ten.

Overall, I enjoyed this place and would come again. I probably would just order one of their katsu set meals the next time I come here. The ramen and katsu don weren’t bad though.

Score: 7/10

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