Comic Book Review: Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting

Details: Published in 2017 by DC Comics. Official sites:

DC Comics is gearing up for their next big event and these two issues act as a preview to what’s ahead. I wasn’t really sure what this was going to be about, but after reading these two books I am hyped and definitely going to read what comes next.

First and foremost, the talent in this book are some of my favorites. Scott Snyder is writing with art from Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and John Romita Jr., some of the best artists in DC’s roster. It goes without saying but the art is stellar here. Also worth mentioning is that Snyder will team up again with Greg Capullo to draw the actual miniseries.

The story centers on Batman and his pursuit of a mystery that ties into many plot points in Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman. It’s clear that these books and the upcoming miniseries will be primarily Batman-focused stories. Back to the plot; Batman’s trying to solve a mystery that has implications for the entire DC Universe and hints at a Bat related threat from another dimension that will seemingly descend on the DC Universe in the near future.

DC has released a number of promos for the upcoming Dark Days event and it looks like Batman and the Justice League will have to fight an evil Justice League where each member is an evil Batman with the powers of a member of the Justice League. Who knows if that is what will actually happen, but I’m already hyped enough as it is.

A lot of questions are answered as well as new questions introduced. Dark Days — as far as I know — is not related to the Watchmen or their upcoming reintroduction into the DC Universe. This is a separate story centering on Batman and this new Batmen-Justice League. In these two preview books, we learn more about Duke (Batman’s new sidekick), Hawkman, Hawkgirl, the healing liquid from the Batman books as well as the machine that brought Batman back in that story. Again, a lot of answers but there are also a lot of questions.

Overall, these are great books with great art and serve their purpose of promoting the upcoming Dark Days miniseries. I will say that this story will be a little hard to follow if you haven’t read Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman or kept up with various reveals in the Justice League books (like how there were three Jokers apparently… go figure). Having read those stories, I enjoyed these books greatly and will definitely be keeping up with the Dark Days story line.

Score: 8.4/10

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